St. Lucia Covid 19 Travel Protocols

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St. Lucia still welcomes visitors from all countries amid the Covid 19 pandemic, however, there are mandatory entry requirements needed to be met and protocols to be observed by all travellers.


All travellers 18 years and older, regardless of their status (resident, non-resident, fully vaccinated or unvaccinated) must:

1: Have a PCR test (with a negative result) no more than 5 days before arrival in Saint Lucia. (All travellers 5 years and over is required to meet the pre-travel testing requirement.)

The following must be included on the test results that you upload:

  1. The name, address and telephone number of the lab where the sample was taken
  2. Your CORRECT name
  3. Your CORRECT date of birth
  4. The date the test was done
  5. The type of test and the method of testing
  6. The result
2: Submit a travel registration form before their arrival (Travellers under 18 years, should be included on the registration form of an accompanying adult.)

submit your travel authorization as soon as your flight and hotel have been booked and no less than 7 days before you travel. If your booking is last minute, please forward the registration confirmation email that you will receive on submission to

3: Not fully vaccinated (1 shot) or unvaccinated travellers need to provide verified reservations in COVID-19 certified accommodation or a confirmed reservation in a State Quarantine Facility

ARRIVAL INTO THE COUNTRY (The Rules you must follow):

  • All travellers must continue the use of face masks during on island-transportation and when in public places
  • Visitors must adhere to physical distancing measures
  • Pre-registered, fully vaccinated travellers are expedited via a Health Screening line and receive a non-electronic identification wristband to be worn during their stay and removed when departing St. Lucia.
  • Protocols have been established for taxis, to provide safety precautions and separate the driver from guests as an added security measure
  • Health and safety protocols will be reinforced through the use of signage that includes QR codes that take travellers to a landing page for more information.


Despite the mandatory protocols, fully vaccinated visitors enjoy a more liberating experience. Below are a few of the differences in what is permitted for the fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated (or partially vaccinated) visitors:


Fully vaccinated visitors have the luxury of having access to rental cars, while non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated visitors, are permitted to use only covid certified shuttles. The option to hire a rental vehicle is only available after a consecutive 14 day stay in a covid certified accommodation.


Fully vaccinated visitors have the option of staying with family or friends or at home (if they own property on the island). They can also stay at any hotel, villa, or resort of their choosing.

Non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated are permitted to stay at up to two certified and approved properties for the first 14 days of their stay. This includes resorts, small hotels, Airbnb, apartments, and villas.

A full list of Covid certified accommodations can be found Here

Dining and Shopping:

Fully vaccinated visitors have the option of dining at any restaurant or local eateries while sticking to the mandatory protocols. They also have the option of exploring local shops and markets. However, non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated visitors can only dine in Government-certified restaurants.

A full list of certified restaurants: Restaurants

Tours and Excursions:

Fully vaccinated visitors, have access to a wider range of tours and excursions, while non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated can leave their accommodation to participate in a specific set of covid certified excursions.

A full list of Covid certified tour companies: Tour Companies

A full list of Covid certified excursions: Covid Certified Excursions


According to, requirements enacted by governments in the USA, UK and Canada, a traveller needs to provide a negative covid test result upon returning to these countries. For more information:

United Kingdom:

All travelers must take the test 3 days (72 Hours) before travel. Click here for more info.


All travelers must take the test 3 days (72 Hours) before travel. Click here for more info.


All travelers must take the test 3 days (72 Hours) before travel. Click here for more info.

St. Lucia has several Covid 19 PCR and (rapid) antigen testing options for departing visitors. Talk to your accommodation provider for pricing and timing for onsite testing if it is a possibility or inquire about convenient options based on the location of the property. Additionally, you may contact the laboratory directly:

Rodney Bay Medical Centre

Ground Floor, Providence Building, Rodney Bay

Type: Rapid Antigen

By appointment, only 8 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday 9 am-1 pm Saturdays

Phone Number: +1 758 452 8621

Tapion Hospital (Laboratory Services and Consultations Limited)


Type: Antigen (Nasal Swab)

By appointment only. Call for appointments.

Phone Number: +1 758 459 2200


Rodney Heights (next to West Tech)

Type: PCR (Nasal Swab)


Phone Number: +1 758 453 2552 or +1 758 452 9032

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