About us

We Love our Island St Lucia

We strive to provide the best intangible moments in chartered transportation at the most competitive rates.

We believe that the client comes first, and we do our utmost to ensure that the client feels like the priority. From easy bookings to flight monitoring and along the journey to your destination, our team of experienced and reliable drivers makes the process as smooth and relaxing as possible. Whether the client wants a nonstop transfer to the resort/ villa or stops along the way, we make it happen.

At St. Lucia Shuttle Service, we offer a lot more than simple transportation. We offer 24-hour support and the option of booking with us to take you anywhere on the island that you wish to go. Our team is well equipped to provide recommendations on the best spots for dining out, for relaxation, adventures, and souvenirs. And what trip is complete without a photo to commemorate a spectacular vacation? Our drivers are ready to show you the best spots for that as well. We are fascinated by the idea of creating unforgettable experiences catered specifically to the client’s needs, and we take all steps to ensure that you receive nothing but the best, as you explore our beautiful island.

St. Lucia has a lot to offer, and our team has decided to take chartered transportation to a whole new level; from superficial to thorough, for you to take advantage of the country’s splendour. We allow you to delve with us and immerse yourself into the country’s culture and cuisine, while still maintaining the most affordable rates. We utilize all safety measures necessary, as our Covid certified chauffeurs will prove.

With St. Lucia Shuttle Service, we go at your pace because we are here to serve you. By choosing us, you make us a part of your story and you become a part of ours.

Book with us and allow us to serve you.